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WWII Wednesday: More on the Home Front

When I hear “Home Front” and “World War II” together I think of the U.S. and how American women rallied to fill in for the men who were sent overseas to the Pacific and Europe to fight. The home front existed in every nation at war. Esmee, my heroine in A Rendezvous to Remember worked with Belgian […]

FlashBack Friday: Naval Aviation Observer Wings

This goes waaaay back, folks. Many of you have asked what exactly I did while I was in the Navy. Remember, it was in the last century and I was um, not as “seasoned.” I like that. Yes, I’m getting spicier as the years fly by! Anyhow, I dug up this report of when I […]

Do You Know What a Romvet is?

A Romance Veteran–a woman who had served her nation in uniform and also writes romance. Founded by our fearless leaders Merline Lovelace and Lindsay McKenna in the last century, Romvets is a unique group of talented women that I know have my six! Joyce Adams Counts and I caught up at RWA in Atlanta this […]

A Little Bit of This, A Little bit of That

Okay, my editor would slay the title for this post–tres cliche! But I promised to share my RWA 2013 experiences. Rather than bore you with a long post and excruciating detail, I think a photo says so much. Take a look at this–Linda Cardillo, Tracy Wolff and I all met when we won Harlequin’s Everlasting Love […]

Romance Writers of America Atlanta GA 2013

Since 2000 I have attended RWA’s national conference whenever my life and our family’s Navy travels have allowed. The passage of time has never been more evident to me than this year, this day, this moment. Maybe it’s my impending empty nest in just over a year, or my, ahem, maturation process, but I realize […]

Geri’s Take On…The Geri Krotow Newsletter

Welcome to my newsletter! It’s about time–I’ve embraced social media in the forms of Facebook and Twitter, but for whatever reason I’ve been reluctant to jump into the newsletter adventure. Maybe it’s because we all get too many emails… I promise I will send out newsletters only with each new release or very pertinent information. […]

The View from a Paver Patio

It was a lot of work, time and effort but the spring push to get an additional paver patio put in that offers me a better view of the mini-forest behind our house was worth it. I have a place to sit and write to my heart’s content, and the birds aren’t afraid to come […]

Two Years in the Same House–and We're Not Moving!

My retired Navy family is hitting a major milestone this summer as we approach the two-year mark for how long we’ve been in one house, one home, one spot on the globe–and we’re going to stay here. After 13 moves in 26 years, you can imagine my relief. Even though I know we’re done with […]