Romance Writers of America Atlanta GA 2013

Ann DeFee, Geri and Linda Cardillo
Ann DeFee, Geri and Linda Cardillo

Since 2000 I have attended RWA’s national conference whenever my life and our family’s Navy travels have allowed. The passage of time has never been more evident to me than this year, this day, this moment. Maybe it’s my impending empty nest in just over a year, or my, ahem, maturation process, but I realize that relationships formed over the course of these conferences have become the sparkling diamonds in what is often a tough yet rewarding process.

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  1. Hello, Geri, I enjoyed reading the Navy Times article about you and your wonderful writing career. I’ll be looking for your books to read and share with other Navy women friends. You’re truly an inspiration and it was interesting to learn about the which I had not heard of. I have followed Merline Lovelace’s novels for years and now I will look for yours!


    Carol A. Evans
    CDR, USN-Ret.
    Spanish Springs, NV

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for such kind words! They mean a lot coming from a fellow vet. Congrats on your full career. Yes, the ROMVETs are an amazing group of women, founded by Merline Lovelace and Lindsay McKenna. Soooo many great writers. I’m honored to be part of them. I hope you enjoy the Whidbey Island Series.

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