Month: August 2021

Stalked in Silver Valley Coming Soon!

The Silver Valley PD series is my most popular to date, and it’s hard to believe but Book 9 (!) Stalked in Silver Valley, will be released in just a little over a month. Don’t miss this latest installment. Preorder now.


Kit and Luther are the most psychologically intense couple I’ve written. As a woman finally freed of the underage marriage she was forced into, Kit wants justice for all women in the same situation. She’s been hired to be a special data/intelligence analyst for Silver Valley PD, and in the course of the story gets recruited by the super-secret government shadow agency headquartered in Silver Valley. Add undercover agent Luther into the story, and Kit’s world is blown apart when she discovers that there is a man she can love again. But the mob is after them, and it’s a thrilling ride to see if they’ll survive to love another day.

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Much love and joy to you and yours.