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A Mid-Summer Murder

April 25, 2023

OUT NOW, BOOK TWO of the Shop ‘Round the World mystery series featuring retired Navy pilot Angel Warren (and her talking parrot, Ralph)  A Mid-Summer Murder is available now across all platforms. Still need to catch up on Angel’s return to her hometown of Stonebridge, Pennsylvania? BOOK ONE A Santa Stabbing is available now: order here.

THE KIELBASA QUEEN MYSTERY SERIES: BOOK ONE The Kielbasa Killer, will be released on JULY 4th in hardcover and ebook. Preordering for the hardcover and ebook is available now. The Kielbasa Queen Mystery Series features Polish American baker, butcher and chef Lydia Wienewski and her intrepid Grandma as they sleuth through 1980s  Buffalo, and Cheektowaga, New York. Read more here.

Want a personalized, signed copy? A Mid-Summer Murder, The Kielbasa Killer and all available print Geri Krotow books are easy to have signed, for you or for a special reader gift. Don’t hesitate, order your custom autographed copy today!

Meet Geri:  Geri has several fun reader events coming up over the next few months. Put one on your calendar and come join our book party!



The Kielbasa Queen Mystery Series Coming Soon!

February 14, 2023

Exciting news for mystery lovers: I’m excited to announce that a most delicious cozy, The Kielbasa Killer, will be released on JULY 4th in hardcover and ebook. Preordering for the hardcover is available now, and ebook preorder will become available closer to publication date — watch this space for info! The Kielbasa Killer is BOOK ONE in my upcoming second mystery series: The Kielbasa Queen Mystery Series. It’s going to be a spectacular 4th of July and the perfect time to introduce you to Lydia Wienewski and Grandma as they sleuth through my native city of Buffalo, New York. Read more here.

Coming in April, BOOK TWO of the Shop ‘Round the World mystery series featuring retired Navy pilot Angel Warren (and her talking parrot, Ralph) is coming APRIL 25thA Mid-Summer Murder is now preordering across all platforms. Still need to catch up on Angel’s return to her hometown of Stonebridge, Pennsylvania? A Santa Stabbing is available now: order here.

Bonus Content: You will be seeing additions and changes to my website as providing “behind the book” information to you is important to me. Recipes, research photographs, and much more will be featured. Is there something you’re particularly interested in finding out about Angel Warren or Lydia Wienewski and Grandma? Let me know here. While you’re there, please sign up for my newsletter and this newsfeed if you haven’t already. You won’t want to miss one bit of the mystery fun!


A Santa Stabbing Available Now

November 2, 2022

GET COZY! Welcome to Stonebridge, Pennsylvania and allow me to introduce Angel Warren, retired Navy pilot, in A Santa Stabbing.

Order now: PRINT: CUPBOARD MAKER BOOKS  EBOOK: KINDLE NOOK KOBO More order options here.

Angel isn’t looking for any more challenges as she transitions from active duty to local international gift shop owner and is a new an empty-nester. But then she finds a body…in her store before it even opens (!) and is the prime suspect. A former helicopter pilot with combat experience, Angel’s not going to let this mission unfold on its own…she throws herself wholeheartedly into the investigation.

All the tropes plus a parrot! Reuniting with a high school BFF, finding a new love after years widowed, rebuilding family relationships, and oh, have I mentioned the talking parrot who plays an integral part in this first mystery of the Shop ‘Round the World series?

Speaking of series, any other Phillies fans out there?  Help me hit the sales on my very first cozy mystery out of the park, and order A Santa Stabbing today!

As always, thank you for your enthusiasm and support–it means the world to me.

Peace, Geri

A Santa Stabbing is Coming Soon!

September 13, 2022

Great news! A Santa Stabbing is available for both print and ebook pre-orders across all platforms. Pre-order now to have my cozy mystery debut  as soon as it’s released on November 2, 2022.  What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a cozy mystery featuring Santa?

Everyone loves a podcast! Stranded in the Mountains is featured on the latest episode of the Redeeming Lit Podcast. Want to read the book before you listen (and to not have to worry about spoilers)? Order here. If you haven’t enjoyed this podcast yet, put your ear buds in and pour a cuppa. Enjoy!

A chocolatey event! If you’re near Hershey, Pennsylvania on October 1, 2022, please stop by to see me (and get your personal invite to my A Santa Stabbing release party!) at the Chocolate Town Book Festival. I’ll have much of my backlist available including the Whidbey Island and Silver Valley PD series. Get a signed book from me for a small donation to charity. Details and directions here.

Wishing all of us a moment to stop and enjoy the changing season.




Feeling Cozy?

August 5, 2022

My first mystery series launches November 2nd with the first book in the Shop ‘Round the World series, A Santa Stabbing. Pre Order the ebook now. Print will be available closer to November. Shop ‘Round the World is a cozy mystery series, meaning there is no graphic or gory violence on the page, and any romance is sweet. Angel Warren, a retired Navy pilot, certainly has a romantic interest in Nate, the silver fox barista at Latte Love,  Stonebridge, PA’s coffee shop. But this is a murder mystery, which means a dead body! Interested? Check out this excerpt.

Are you a reviewer, blogger, or podcaster? ARCs for A Santa Stabbing are available. Contact me with your request.

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Two New Books for Spring

April 12, 2022

Great news for spring–I have two new releases. Stalking Colton’s Family is out this month, and available for preorder now. Stranded in the Mountains releases in May and you can preorder now, too.

The biggest news to date is that I’ll have my cozy mystery debut in November. Be the first to get the pre-order links and all the details about how and why I’ve made a genre pivot by signing up for my newsletter.

I have something very special planned for my first cozy mystery release and I can’t wait to share more as the big day nears. Stay tuned for more.

Hippity Happy Hop and all that to you and yours!



2022 Preview

January 6, 2022

If you subscribe to my newsletter you already know the latest and greatest from my writing desk, and that I have 3 new books in 2002.

Stalking Coltons Family is an April release, and available for pre-order now. Don’t miss another installment of the always thrilling Coltons, of which I’ve written several books.

Stranded in the Mountains is an inspirational suspense set in pristine Newfoundland-Labrador, Canada. It was a joy to be able to tell the story of a World War II B-17 pilot who served as a WASP, and was the granddaughter of the heroine. Preorder here.

Lastly, my very first cozy mystery will release in November from Tule Publishing–details soon! For now, know that it involves the quintessential Pennsylvania town, Christmas, and murder. 🙂

A Blessed, Peaceful 2022 to all.



Holiday Books from Geri

November 23, 2021

Bring in the holidays with a Christmas story from my backlist. Some of my favorite books are Christmas and holiday themed. I have several in each of my series!

The Whidbey Island series includes Navy Christmas and the novella Navy Joy in the anthology Coming Home for Christmas. My Silver Valley PD series features Her Christmas Protector, Her Secret Christmas Agent, and Lethal Holiday. a FREE READ on the Harlequin website. A reader favorite and my very first book A Rendezvous to Remember features key Christmas scenes, too.

If you’re a Geri Krotow Newsletter subscriber, you will be treated to special exclusive news in my next newsletter, releasing in early December. Don’t miss it–sign up now.

Happy Holidays!


Stalked in Silver Valley Available Now

September 28, 2021

Stalked in Silver Valley, Book 9 of my  Silver Valley PD Series, is available now. Please join Kit and Luther on their life-threatening mission, where, of course, they fall in love. 🙂 Order now:

Cupboard Maker Books Kindle B&N Nook

If you follow me on Facebook you already know that there was a glitch with the UK version of the Stalked ebook on Kindle. This has been corrected, and will not affect North American orders. To have the latest on my releases and cover reveals, make sure you’re signed up for my site news.

Instagram is where you’ll see more of my day-to-day writing life, including my perennial favorite writing space, my patio.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and please, enjoy Stalked in Silver Valley!



Silver Valley Book 9 Hits Shelves Soon!

August 26, 2021

Stalked in Silver Valley, my ninth book set in Silver Valley, the fictitious town based on where I live in Central Pennsylvania, releases in one month! No need to wait for a sneak peek–check out this excerpt. And the best news? You can pre-order now.

Cupboard Maker Books Kindle B&N Nook

I’m happy to let you know that there’s a lot of reading to look forward to in the coming months from me. To keep up with the important details, sign up for my newsletter. I only release one when I have a book release. Want a quicker, more timely way to keep in touch? Make sure you’re signed up for what you’re reading now, my site news.

As always I adore meeting you on Instagram. where you’ll see behind-the-scenes workings of my author life, any new series I’m working on, and of course my beloved dogs and parrot. You never know when they’ll end up in a book, as our elder canine Misha did on the cover of Navy Rules.

Enjoy these last weeks of summer and read on!