Month: January 2012

New Year, New Attitude?

Each New Year’s for several years (maybe even a decade) I’ve picked a word or phrase to inspire me. I’ve made out a list of goals and intentions. I’ve created 10 yr, 5 yr and 1 yr plans and back-stepped to figure out what I needed to do each day to achieve said objectives.
Today I’m happy to sit still and be. “Be” as in sipping some great tea out of my Russian porcelain tea mug that I purchased last year while still a Moscow resident. By simply “being” I’m able to be overwhelmed with gratitude that my family has made the transition back to the USA and we’re each thriving in our little corners of this earth.
Our family had a major loss this year with my father-in-law’s passing, and as with any family loss it’s triggered moments of sorrow, laughter and reflection.
Am I living my life to my fullest?
I’m in the midst of re-reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I’m struck by how he captured the present moment that he lived and wrote in. That’s my one professional goal this year (okay, besides hit the NYT and make gazillions of dollars in royalties)–to write in the spirit of capturing the moment that my characters are living in. Because in that moment, I’m living “there” with them. And I need to hug each breath, each thought, each second. They are all precious.