Autographed Books by Geri

I’d love to sign your book for you!

You can order any Geri Krotow book and get it signed! Geri’s made exclusive arrangements with her favorite local independent bookstore Cupboard Maker Books to make this possible.

It’s an ideal opportunity to discover a new-to-you Geri series that you can come back to order when you’re ready to binge the rest of it!

And BONUS: they also accept pre-orders for upcoming Geri Krotow books.

US ORDERS ONLY at this time.*


Please follow the instructions below to make sure your book is signed exactly how you’d like, and delivered to the correct address. Please Note: thank you for understanding that we can only accept US ORDERS ONLY at this time.

  1. Email with the title of the books you want.
  2. In the email, please include WHO you want the book signed to, please be sure to be very clear. And also, if you have any other special requests regarding the book or signing, be sure to include that. Any books without clear instructions as to who the inscription should read will simply be autographed by Geri.
  3. Please include the complete shipping address for each book, so that Cupboard Maker Books can calculate shipping costs. Please Remember: US addresses only at this time.*
  4. Send your email, and Cupboard Maker Books will reply with a link where you can enter your payment information.
  5. This one is just for fun: Geri loves to meet her readers in person and virtually. Post a photo of your new, signed Geri Krotow book on her Facebook or Instagram page, tag Geri (@geri_krotow), and #GeriKrotow. You already follow her, of course. Please show off your smile while you’re at it.

THANK YOU! And remember, Cupboard Maker Books keeps Geri’s entire backlist. It’s an ideal opportunity to discover a new-to-you Geri series, then you can come back to order the rest of the series and binge the rest of it!

*ONLY US addresses can be filled at this time, no international.