Month: October 2009

My Computer Blew Up and the Red Piano

No, really. Okay, it was just the power source, and it was my fault. I knew that the computer, just like the monitor and other electronics we have, is dual voltage. But the computer, UNLIKE the other electronic items, requires one to flip the physical switch on the back to “220v.” I didn’t. I was trying to conserve transformer usage–I blew up a transformer a couple weeks before the computer, as I printed out the revised copy of SASHA’s DAD, my June 2010 Harlequin Super Romance.  Laser printer + 362 pages + small transformer = loud “pop,” smoke, horrible odor, tears of frustration.

A writer is a professional, though, and I finished and turned in the revisions on time. No excuses, ma’am. I didn’t like using the “family” computer but found myself practicing gratitude that I had any computer at all. How did Charles Dickens do it? By hand.

More good news is that the computer appears to have only lost the power source–I should be able to use it, eventually. The tech hasn’t returned it yet. And I deftly manipulated these events to justify the purchase of a new laptop for moi. I use an alphasmart (think small word processor, very portable) but I need Internet hook-up and an ability to edit on the road. The flight back to the States from Moscow is 10 hrs–that’s a lot of writing time. The laptop will be lovely to have.

I have so much to share about my new life in Moscow. I’ve been to so many fantastic places to include the honey market (think wine fest/tasting but with a rainbow of honey colors and flavors).

Last week I fulfilled an adolescent dream (that’s a long time ago in my lifespan to date) and saw Elton John on his Red Piano tour. His voice is so powerful at 62–he rocks! And he played the old songs I grew up to–many from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The number that remains with me a week later is Someone Saved My Life Tonight. While Elton and his marvelous band played, a mini-film of a younger Elton struggling (I interpreted) with his addictions lit up the screen behind the stage. While the images were sobering (no pun intended) and grotesque, I found the overall presentation to be incredibly spiritual. I left the concert wanting to write the best stories ever, to contribute my best work to the world of art.

I promise many incredible photos of Moscow and Russia in the next post, provided that my computer is returned and/or I receive my new laptop in the mail by then. Keep on doing whatever it is that brings you joy in life!