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Three More to Go!

I love when live and work dovetail in the least expected ways. This past week I enjoyed a beautiful drive to my hometown of Buffalo, NY, where I took my parents for a day trip to a local vineyard. Eveningside Vineyards is owned by fellow high school alumnus, Randy Biehl. Randy gave us the royal tour of […]

WWII Wednesday: Krakow, Poland

Poland saw unspeakable hardship during WWII. My family traveled to Krakow several years ago and was delighted by the beautiful, historic town we discovered. Because my children were still too young, we didn’t tour the historic Jewish ghetto, and didn’t see Oskar Schindler’s factory. My heart still broke as I realized the horrific events that […]

WWII Wednesday: Preserve the History

If you visit London it’s hard to imagine the sky filled with WWII aircraft. Today’s weapons systems and detection equipment make the Battle of Britain seem as though it were a millennia ago instead of less than a century. This is why it’s so important to accurately preserve the historical events, and when possible, the […]

WWII Wednesday: Surviving the Bombs

WWII was fraught with bombings as evidenced by the massive destruction in major cities across the continent and of course, in London. When we lived in Moscow I had the opportunity to use the Metro daily. Each quick trip to a market or museum was steeped in WWII history, as the Moscow Metro was used […]

WWII Wednesday: How Did They Carry On?

While living overseas our family took one Thanksgiving break to tour London. Since I’m married to a WWII expert and enthusiast, of course we had to visit where PM Churchill and his staff kept the country running while the German’s pummeled the city. The simple, Spartan lifestyle they maintained is at once sobering and inspiring. […]

How Do You Beat the Winter Blahs?

I went to Scotland. Castles, mountains, wool, history galore. A writer’s heaven. As a kid in Western New York I loved winter and faced total confusion as my grandparents complained about the cold and snow. As long as I could make a snow man, ice skate, or even better, go sledding/tobogganing, I was thrilled. The […]

Where are You?

Belorusskaya Train Station is across the street from me as I write this. You know it; it was made famous in Dr Zhivago. I never pass it or stop in it without my mind seeing Lara and Yuri under the layers of fur in their dacha.  As a kid I wondered how they slept under […]

A Yankee in Red Square

Last night a girl from Buffalo New York stood in Red Square, Moscow, Russia and watched the practice for the 2010 Victory Day Celebration. This year is a HUGE year for Russian World War II veterans (and indeed all WWII vets) as it’s the 65th Anniversary of the defeat of the Axis powers and the […]

Warsaw, Poland April 11th-15th 2010

Relaxation, appreciation for our ancestral roots (Steve and I are both 50% Polish descent), and some great Polish cooking was what our family had in mind when we planned to spend our kid’s Spring Break in Warsaw, Poland. We could never have imagined the reality of arriving in a nation of grieving citizens. The President […]

A Writer's Day in Moscow

Moscow is a city of wonder especially in the winter. The hardest adjustment here is learning to grocery shop in bursts. While we have one-stop shopping available, it’s not as convenient to either get to (you have to have your car to haul the groceries back) and unless you get there when they open or […]