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What I want you to think I look like all the time
What I want you to think I look like all the time

Welcome to my newsletter! It’s about time–I’ve embraced social media in the forms of Facebook and Twitter, but for whatever reason I’ve been reluctant to jump into the newsletter adventure. Maybe it’s because we all get too many emails… I promise I will send out newsletters only with each new release or very pertinent information. I don’t want to be the one crowding your inbox–I want you to be able to smile when you see it’s from me.

Sit a Spell and Have a Cup of Joy with Me!
Sit a Spell and Have a Cup of Joy with Me!

I’m excited by the release of the second book in my Whidbey Island Series, NAVY ORDERS. It’s the most challenging book I’ve written to date, as the story presented me with a dead body. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve finished another book in the series for a 2014 release, and it will have a dead body in it, too. Don’t worry, the romance is still there. As well as the Navy Family culture that I was privileged to be a part of both as an active duty officer and as a navy spouse. I hope when you read these books you’ll feel as if you’ve had an insight into how military families all over the world willingly sacrifice in order to keep us all safe.

Also available this month is my FREE online read, NAVY HOPE, available at my blog or at Harlequin’s site.

A great thing in NAVY ORDERS if you’re a knitter: a free NAVY HUG HAT pattern from Delaware Head Huggers. It’s printed in the back of the book! Robin Celli and her beloved dog Schnapps co-created the pattern for NAVY ORDERS. It’s a great thing if you’re looking for a chemo cap or TBI (traumatic brain injury) pattern. If you don’t knit, you can still lend a hand by donating yarn or money to Delaware Head Huggers, a nonprofit that sends chemo caps all around the continent. If you or someone you love needs a chemo cap, just let DEHH know. Check them out at

My sister writer friends Ann DeFee and Linda Cardillo have committed to renewing our Three Glindas pact as we travel along our writing journey. We post some fun things, so be on the lookout at our site, The Three Glindas and on Twitter.

What I really look like (not only when painting)!
What I really look like (not only when painting)!


I’m looking at a full schedule this summer with Romance Writers of America in Atlanta July 17-21, where I’ll be signing at the Literacy Signing and presenting a workshop with my editor, Cliche–Avoid at All Costs!  On July 28th, I’ll be signing books at Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA–check their site for the exact time and details.  In September I’ll be speaking and signing at the Baltimore Book Festival. I hope we get a chance to meet!

BREAKING “NEWS” is that I’ve been interviewed for an article in Navy Times, part of the Military Times group. I’ll post on Facebook and Tweet when it’s available. If you’re military you can get a print copy at your local commissary and PX (BX for non-navy types :)). Print and digital subscriptions are available via their website, above. This is a tremendous resource for anyone writing military fiction, whether you’ve served or not.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. Please take the time to enjoy the warmth and blooms and birds. Thanks for your support of my work and stories. Writing is a solitary sport but I am never lonely. Readers make all the difference. Thank you again and have a great summer!



4 Comments on “Geri’s Take On…The Geri Krotow Newsletter

  1. So excited about our newsletter! You are energetic and compassionate. I feel fortunate to know you! Received my copy of Navy Rules from Amazon last week. saving it for a weekend trip coming up!

    I miss our Red Tent Book Club. 🙁

  2. Hey Geri,

    Wish I could see you in Baltimore, but we’re in the process of relocating to North Carolina. Just bought Navy Orders for my Kindle but since I’m lost in a sea of boxes will wait to read it when we get to our new place.

    Please add me to your newsletter list.

    By the way, our knitting group is still going strong, but we now meet at Panera Bread and are still a large, loud bunch. : ) Miss you seeing you there.

    1. Hi Jan! Good luck with the move and you never know…I’m sure I’ll drive through there at some point. We’ll have to have a knit-up. Thanks for purchasing NAVY ORDERS and I hope it’s a nice escape from the boxes on the other end. 🙂

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