The View from a Paver Patio

These Remind Me of Orange Sherbert
These Remind Me of Orange Sherbert

It was a lot of work, time and effort but the spring push to get an additional paver patio put in that offers me a better view of the mini-forest behind our house was worth it. I have a place to sit and write to my heart’s content, and the birds aren’t afraid to come in for a visit. I will try to capture some of my feathered buddies over the next months. For now, I offer you some pics taken from the new patio. I took these photos only a week or so ago and the difference, day by day, is amazing.

Future Tomatoes
Future Tomatoes

It’s like that with writing, too. One paragraph, one page of dialogue may seem minuscule when faced with an entire novel to compose. Yet each word is a seed. Some words sprout into sturdy, tough plants like my tomato. Others are more fragile like the clematis who is so very tentatively starting to climb up the trellis I painted for it.

My View As I Write
My View As I Write

I don’t have control over what will bloom or not in my garden, not really. I can only do the research, consult experts, and time my planting as close to Mother Nature’s schedule as possible. Of course she, like my story, changes like the wind, like a mere few strokes of the keyboard.

Plant a seed today. In your life, in your words, in your garden.

7 Comments on “The View from a Paver Patio

  1. I remember when you came back from Russia. Hard to believe it has been two years!

    Excellent blog post and writing analogy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie. I know the time has been a blink for me! Now, if only some of these plants would grow that quickly!

  2. Geri…right now my writing view is a cluttered desk. Yes, I need to be better organized and I agree that a garden view would be much more inspiring. Enjoy your spring, flowers, and writing. Love your blog and your books. Go Girl!

    1. Thanks, Jan, yes, I have that cluttered desk, too. My solution has been to add a table next to the desk–I let that get cluttered but the desk stays clear!

  3. Nice view. My fiance and I were thinking about putting a patio made from pavers in our backyard. I can’t wait to get my yard completed. I want a nice view to look at.

  4. Lauren,
    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I’d say “go for it” on the paver patio. It’s inexpensive (relatively, especially if you do the labor) and done in a day or so…very instant-gratifying. Have fun planting!

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