Danger and deeply emotional romance collide for thrilling times in Silver Valley, Pennsylvania

The Silver Valley PD Series

About the Silver Valley PD Series

Do you enjoy high stakes romantic suspense, where the romance is as sexy as the danger is lethal? The Silver Valley PD series delivers the highs and lows of law enforcement heroes and heroines as they fight to keep their town safe amidst threats that include a cult and Russian organized crime. But whether it’s a capturing a serial killer or busting up a ring of human trafficking, the brave men and women of Silver Valley find love in the process. Of special interest in this series is the super-secret government shadow agency, Trail Hikers, which has many brave women and men who’ve served in the Armed Forces and now work deep undercover to bring the most hardened criminals to justice–and if they find the love of their lives in Silver Valley, all the better.

Medium heat level.

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