How many series have you written?

To date, I have three series. The Whidbey Island series is set on the seventy-mile long island in Puget Sound. This Navy-inspired series was inspired by my editor asking me to come up with a book that showed an authentic slice of Navy life (with romance and suspense added in!). The Silver Valley PD series is set in south central Pennsylvannia with very edge-of-your-seat thrills, and sexy romance. The heroes and heroines are mostly from prior military or US government law enforcement experience. It’s a combination of real-life law enforcement issues along with a super-secret agency, the Trail Hikers. The Bayou Bachelors series is set in New Orleans, Louisiana and is my hottest series yet as the Boudreaux siblings find love against the odds of failed careers, financial ruin, international espionage, and the biggest un-wedding in New Orleans history (I may have exaggerated this a bit).

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