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Now this is Russia!

Our family went to a winter resort north of Moscow this past weekend. Whatever winter activity you dream of doing…cross country skiing, ice skating, cruising the frozen Volga river on a snow mobile–it was all there. But from all of the great activities to chose from, I have to say walking on frozen paths and […]

Moscow for the Holidays

The most common phrase heard from a Russian friend this time of year is Happy New Year (in Russian, of course)! New Year’s is the biggest holiday celebration in the former Soviet Union. There are Christmas trees galore, but they are referred to as New Year’s trees. A comeback of Christmas is happening, but I’ve […]

Moscow is for Writers

I’ve lived in Russia for over a month. An entire month–longer than most vacations, shorter than any Navy deployment I ever completed. Yet I feel the hands of the Russian culture as they beckon me to explore. Reminders of this nation’s culture and history are everywhere. From the statues throughout the city, to the breathtaking […]