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What is Spring weather like in Silver Valley?

Many of you know Silver Valley is the fictional name for my hometown, where I’ve based my romantic suspense series Silver Valley PD from Harlequin™ Romantic Suspense. The spring breeze in Silver Valley is often more like a gusty gale, knocking over trash and recycle receptacles and making ears numb. The beautiful aspect of this is the brilliant sunshine, cosmic-blue skies, and budding trees that bend in the wind.  March roars in, and is featured in several of my Silver Valley stories.

But with April, we’ve seen a change in our weather patterns. In 2019 we had a record number of tornadoes touchdown, which you may see featured in future Silver Valley PD books.

Are you romantic in your real life?

Niagra Falls for Valentine’s?

As romance readers we all know that love is something to celebrate everyday, but I’m never one to turn down the fun, festive feeling of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, flowers, a romantic get-away, a good movie, quiet time with my husband–any or all of the above, please! We’ve been married a, um, while and have learned that we enjoy time at home the most. The best meals can be made in one pot, and the nicest date is in front of a favorite movie (or binge-watching an agreed-upon series). If you’re looking for a romantic read, check out my books page. I took this photo of Niagra Falls on one of my many trips back to my hometown of Buffalo, NY.

Celebrating 30 Years

My husband and I weren’t initially sure how we’d celebrate our 30th. We decided to turn it into a history lover’s trip when he expressed a life long desire to tour the HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar.

HMS Victory. Dear Husband of 30 years is 6'2" for reference
HMS Victory. Dear Husband of 30 years is 6’2″ for reference

At first I thought “yawn,” then realized that Jane Austen sights abound in the English countryside, too. And then there was London, with all the beautiful museums. Here’s a little peek at our adventure, and a reminder that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to see the world–I saw so much of the world from romance novels starting when I was (too) young. I’ve no doubt that’s what got me interested in truly seeing the world, and led to my time in the U.S. Navy. Books change lives, indeed.

Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts was the original, working title for my very first published book, A Rendezvous to Remember. For some odd reason that phrase has popped into my thoughts today, and I want to share that each and every one of you is an unexpected gift to me. I’d always dreamed of being a published author, but I never imagined what an absolute joy each and every reader would be to me. Whether we meet here, on my Facebook page, or at a book signing, it’s always a gift to me.

Who or what has been an unexpected gift in your life?


FAQ – Spring into Silver Valley

Photo Courtesy of Cupboard Maker Books Enola PA
Photo Courtesy of Cupboard Maker Books Enola PA

Silver Valley PD  is my new series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, and I’ve loosely based it upon my local area in Pennsylvania. Those of you familiar with my previous series, Whidbey Island, know that I’m inclined to sprinkle my romances with mystery and intrigue. Silver Valley PD allows me to unleash my imagination, fueled by the great law enforcement folks in my area who oblige me with their wisdom and experience. I get to write scary, tension-filled stories that also have sexy romance. What more could an author want? The first book, Her Christmas Protector, was out last November, and the latest, Wedding Takedown is available now. Thank you so much for your support, and a big shout-out to everyone who came to meet me at Cupboard Maker Books last weekend. Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and we can all indulge in a little Easter candy, right?

Her Christmas Protector is a Fresh Pick!

Exciting news–Her Christmas Protector has been chosen as a Fresh Fiction Fresh Pick! This allows romance readers to have a chance to learn about the Silver Valley Series. Please celebrate with me!

December 28, 2015

Holiday Cheer (and some recipes!)

My holiday started with a sparkly bang as I signed alongside Nora Roberts at Turn the Page Bookstore this past Saturday. For all of you who attended, thank you and it was so nice to meet you!

December 5, 2015 Turn the Page Bookstore
December 5, 2015 Turn the Page Bookstore

To continue the sparkle, let’s not forget all of the generous authors who shared their holiday customs and recipes with us last year.  There’s something for everyone. Most of all, please remember to take time for quiet wherever you can get it. I like to brew a cup of tea every few hours or so. It gets me up from the desk and refreshed, ready to rock and roll on the next Silver Valley PD story!


Three More to Go!

I love when live and work dovetail in the least expected ways. This past week I enjoyed a beautiful drive to my hometown of Buffalo, NY, where I took my parents for a day trip to a local vineyard. Eveningside Vineyards is owned by fellow high school alumnus, Randy Biehl. Randy gave us the royal tour of his lovely winery in the midst of  a Western New York autumn. It doesn’t get much better than this! As one of our classmates commented on Facebook, “wine and literature, two favorite things.”

Dream chasers from the same high school
Dream chasers from the same high school

It’s nearing the end of my promo tour this year and the best is yet to come with my next three appearances.  First up, I’ll be signing tomorrow with Heidi Hormel and Karen Rose Smith at the Reader’s Cafe in Hanover PA, then I’ll be signing and speaking at the Las Vegas Readers Festival next Saturday.

I’ll be celebrating a long-held dream when I sign with Nora Roberts at her bookstore in Boonsboro, MD on December 5th. Details on all my appearances are over at my events page. I hope to meet you soon!

The Cup is Half Full!

Fantabulous Table at the WRWDC Luncheon
Fantabulous Table at the WRWDC Luncheon

The Washington Romance Writers Reader and Blogger Luncheon this past Saturday marked the half-way point for my fall appearances. Let me tell you a secret: I didn’t realize how many events I’d planned until I sat down to do my calendar after RWA, my big romance author’s conference, back in July. I am an extrovert by nature so meeting readers is always a priority and fun for me. And yet…I’m needing to squeeze in some power naps here and there, and pay better attention to my food choices. I want to keep my energy up and enjoy the remaining events, not drag through them. But I digress…
If I haven’t had a chance to meet you yet, I do hope you’ll come out for one of the many exciting events I’m attending. I’m a storyteller and I write my stories for you!