Catch Up Time

A full summer combined with RWA in San Antonio at the end of July has left me wondering where summer went. Are you there, too?

Dorm Socks for Kiddos
Dorm Socks for Kiddos

Both kids leave for college over the next two weeks–one for his last year undergrad and the other for her freshman year at university (do you hear the sob/chortle combo? It’s the sadness of the baby leaving the nest, with the joy of freedom for moi woven in).
Besides the omnipresent work with stories demanding my attention, the offspring have asked for “cozy dorm socks.” In appropriate university colors. Actually, oldest asked for them because a hat I knitted him was waaaay too big (Saskwatch proportions) and since I’d used super wash wool, un-shrinkable. But I’d started a lovely shrug (think Jane Austen) for my daughter, who informed me “um, Mom? I’m never going to wear a purple shrug.” Shrug ripped out, yarn re-purposed for dorm slipper-socks. Need to get the boy’s done this week. I only allow myself to knit after the words are on the page. Will I do it?

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  1. Sadly, I will not get AJ’s quilt finished in time for his dorm move-in. Does the thought count? :D.
    Should I take up knitting? What’s the estimated time of completion for dorm socks for a beginner…is there a Navy acronym for “Estimated Time of Completion” of which I am unaware? 😉

  2. Hi Tanya–socks aren’t the best beginner-knitter project, although the gal who taught me to knit in Oak Harbor at the LYS there taught me socks pretty quickly. I’m sure your quilt is beautiful! Plus it’s still summer. They don’t need quilts or slipper-socks yet.

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