Something's in the Air…

In a blink, summer’s giving way to autumn. Today’s most likely the last hot day we’ll see in the Northeast.
I’ve been away from the blog due to a global move and associated tasks. Fancy speak for I’ve been overwhelmed by life.

Ripley Devours a Yellow Pepper

Great news–I have a new book coming out in June 2012 with Harlequin Superromance, set on Whidbey Island, Washington. Details will emerge as the publication date gets closer. I already have two events planned for June which is the precise reason I’m so thrilled to be back in the States full-time. There’s nothing like connecting with dear readers in person.
No matter how crazy it gets, I try to eek out at least a smidgen of serenity each day. My dog Misha is often the source of this. Sometimes it’s Ripley the Fearless Parrot. What’s your serenity source?

Misha Sniffs for Fall

9 Comments on “Something's in the Air…

  1. Geri, I love that phrase, ‘serenity source’. Mine is my backyard. I love siting on our back deck and watching the cardinals. And the deer that wander by! Your bird is adorable!

    1. I love birds too, Shelley, not just my parrot. Our feeder attracts so many different ones and I’m amazed at the variety as the seasons change.

  2. I too like the phrase “serenity source”! I can think of two—going home after a long day to my quiet peaceful home and doing alot of nothing and when that doesn’t work I go to Tennessee to see some of the best people on the planet! Can’t wait for your next book, the first three were wonderful!

    1. Virginia, did you know we lived in Tennessee for a few years, too? Memphis area. It was a neat place, and where I joined Romance Writers of America, so it’ll always be special to me. Of course there’s the awesome jazz and BBQ, too!

  3. Just a short note to say Hi and welcome back. I look forward to your book especially since its set in Whidbey!!


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