A Birthday, A Book and a Mammogram

This month is a banner one for me. I hit a significant milestone albeit sad in many respects in that I have lived longer than my mother did. We lost her too soon, too young, to breast cancer. Because it’s my birthday month, I have my yearly mammogram scheduled. Have you scheduled yours yet? If you’re age 40 or over, go do it now! If your insurance won’t pay, or you don’t have health insurance, find a community outreach program in your area that provides free or reduced-cost mammograms. Because as women we are the rocks of our families and communities. And we need to manage our health–no one else can do this for us.

The third and great thing about this month, this year, is today! My third book, Sasha’s Dad is released by Harlequin Superromance. I have an excerpt and behind-the-scenes information for Sasha’s Dad on my website, and if you join me on my Facebook Author Page you’ll get more frequent updates on how the launch is going, where people have taken pictures of Sasha’s Dad, and what I’m doing in my local area to promote my third novel.

Brown Bag Lunch Presentation for SASHA's DAD
Brown Bag Lunch Presentation for SASHA’s DAD
Today I gave a workshop or in local parlance, a “brown bag lunch” presentation to interested American Embassy staff and personnel in Moscow, Russia. I came away so motivated to continue to pursue my art and get my characters and stories on the page. While copies of Sasha’s Dad haven’t arrived in my mailbox yet, I was able to hand out bookmarks and Russian chocolates to keep the group happy and alert. I promised signed copies of Sasha’s Dad and champagne/sparkling apple juice once the books arrive. My publisher graciously offered several complimentary copies for me to hand out here at the embassy.

Several readers have emailed to let me know they’ve already downloaded Sasha’s Dad onto their Kindle or other e-reader, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My children thank you, too, especially the oldest who will be going to college next year.

Each book, each story is so special to me. It takes many people to bring the story to publication, from me the writer to my agent and then my editor; copy editors, the art department, marketing, distribution…I am grateful to each pair of hands that worked on Sasha’s Dad.

A last note–once again the “small world” theory is proved. A high school track alumnus of mine now works at the Harlequin Distribution Center in Western New York. He sent me some great photos of my book on the warehouse shelves. If you’re curious, find them here on my Facebook personal wall.

Enjoy your day and please enjoy Sasha’s Dad!!

5 Comments on “A Birthday, A Book and a Mammogram

  1. Loved your newest book, especially your references to my beautiful hometown – Annapolis, Maryland. Thanks for your acknowledgement. I am incredibly touched!

    1. Thanks Ashley and Debbie for posting comments. Debbie, it was the least I could do. The Baydale Walkers got me through our Annapolis tour and inspired SASHA’s DAD in more ways than one! You all will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. Hi Geri from your friend in Canada! Moscow now? Good for you! I am now finished with my reserve duty and John has one year to go before he retires with 35 years of air force service. We don’t live very far from Toronto and everytime we drive by the Harlequin building I think of you!
    We are still travelling a lot seeing a lot of your country this year: Boston, bus trips to New Hampshire, Vermont, Savannah and charleston. We are also cruising to Bermuda from NYC in the fall.
    I will be following your blog! I really appreciate having my autographed copy of your book, A REndezvous To Remember like the First Lady does! Take care Geri!!!! A big hello to your hubby and family too. Belgium life seems so far away now!

  3. Hi Geri! Just finished reading Sasha’s Dad. Such a GREAT story! The last chapter had me in tears. Thanks for bringing me back to Annapolis. Loved all the places you wrote about, made me wish I was back there again. The acknowledgement means so much. I was so surprised to see my name in your book. Can’t wait to read your next book…. All the best to the family.

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