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Autumn Activities

Sneak Peek at Reader Give-Aways for November!
Sneak Peek at Reader Give-Aways for November-Custom Bookmark Ornaments!

I love this time of year just as I always loved going back to school. It’s something we all share, readers and writers. The promise of a new story! That said, this autumn is filled with a lot of great reader and author events, which you’ll find over at the events page. My two new books Navy Christmas and Navy Joy (in the anthology Coming Home for Christmas) will release in November and best of all, my first-ever Holiday Blog Party in support of military families separated by the holidays. Come meet over 30 of your favorite authors as they share their best holiday happenings, from recipes to crafts to family traditions.  I can’t wait to celebrate with you!


World War II Wednesday: Knitting

Did you know that knitting has been an important source of support for combat troops overseas? 2014-08-21 11.44.00WWII was no exception, when Americans were urged to knit clothing for soldiers and sailors, to include socks, sweaters and hats. Recently there were drives to knit helmet liners for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Knitting has evolved as an art over the centuries, but the most notable development since WWII is probably the variety of fibers available to knit with. Still, the basics are often the best for a lot of my projects, like the “dorm socks” I knit up for my daughter (son’s are still on the needles). A basic sock pattern with worsted wool in a bright shade of purple did the trick.

For me, knitting is brain yoga. I get the best plot ideas in the middle of a purl. I hope you have your own way to chill your brain out, and that you make the time to enjoy it today.


Catch Up Time

A full summer combined with RWA in San Antonio at the end of July has left me wondering where summer went. Are you there, too?
Dorm Socks for Kiddos
Dorm Socks for Kiddos

Both kids leave for college over the next two weeks–one for his last year undergrad and the other for her freshman year at university (do you hear the sob/chortle combo? It’s the sadness of the baby leaving the nest, with the joy of freedom for moi woven in). Besides the omnipresent work with stories demanding my attention, the offspring have asked for “cozy dorm socks.” In appropriate university colors. Actually, oldest asked for them because a hat I knitted him was waaaay too big (Saskwatch proportions) and since I’d used super wash wool, un-shrinkable. But I’d started a lovely shrug (think Jane Austen) for my daughter, who informed me “um, Mom? I’m never going to wear a purple shrug.” Shrug ripped out, yarn re-purposed for dorm slipper-socks. Need to get the boy’s done this week. I only allow myself to knit after the words are on the page. Will I do it?




Memorial Day Salute

A solemn, loving salute today to my fellow veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I will never forget. Today I’m thinking of everyone we’ve lost in every way, but in particular of a U.S. Naval Academy classmate, a fellow alumni’s parents, and a squadron mate of my husband’s, all lost on 9-11.  My daughter and I had the occasion to visit the 9-11 Memorial in NYC last fall, and I placed my hand and fingers over each of your names, etched into the granite that surrounds the infinity pool. May you and and your surviving families feel the heartfelt gratitude from this humble vet.


Whidbey Island Series Overview

The Whidbey Island Series is a collection of love stories often laced with suspense set that highlights the struggles, joys and romances of active duty Navy and their loved ones.

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Whidbey Island is a beautiful piece of the planet located in Puget Sound, Washington State.  Oak Harbor is the largest city and on the north end of the island, and is home to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. From NAS Whidbey, aircrew of the P-3C Orion (which is in transition to the newer, more capable P-8 Poseiden) and EA-6B Prowler (now replaced by the EA-18 Growler) deploy worldwide to counter terrorism, assist in natural disasters, aid in recovery operation as in the recent downed Malaysian airliner, and provide real-time intelligence to their mission commanders.

The Whidbey Island Series is purely fiction, but the emotions and many of the military situations are real or have been the reality for someone, sometime. Every airman and officer that is stationed on Whidbey has a story, a family, friends, a life outside of the Navy.

My intention is to capture the real emotional drama that occurs daily on Whidbey, and to showcase the incredible sacrifice made by the entire community of Navy and civilians that enable these brave men and women to deploy and be the warriors their called to be.

As a novelist I get to give my characters a Happily Ever After, or at least Happily Ever After For Now. This is unfortunately not the case for too many of our military who gave the ultimate price for our freedom, nor for the families and loved ones they left behind.  I include our bravest in my stories, too. It’s important to me to honor the men and women I’ve been privileged to know who sadly didn’t make it back.

I’ve served on both sides of the Navy family: as an active-duty Naval Intelligence Officer and as a Navy Spouse.  My family knows the fear for a loved one at war, and the sorrow of losing a Navy Family member. More importantly, we know the joy and enthusiasm that comes with living the military lifestyle. So do the characters in The Whidbey Island Series.  I hope you enjoy your time on Whidbey, too.

The Whidbey Island Series book order is as follows:

Book One:  Navy Rules

Online Read: Navy Hope

Book Two:  Navy Orders

Book Three: Navy Rescue

Book Four: Navy Christmas 

Novella:  Navy Joy (a novella in the Coming Home for Christmas anthology)

Book Five: Navy Justice (2015).  

Excerpts and purchase information for the entire series are here


Thank You, Dear Reader

The Whidbey Series is fueled by Readers, with a little cappuccino thrown in
The Whidbey Series is fueled by Readers, with a little cappuccino on the side.

You’ve made The Whidbey Island Series successful, and continue to offer me support and inspiration on a daily basis. When I’m in my workout clothes all day, drinking espresso and wondering why my hero picked this moment to throw in a character flaw that I have no idea how the heroine will react to, you’re with me. Thank you.



News from Geri Krotow with a Special Announcement

Great news: my wonderful web team has upgraded and enhanced the security of  my  newsletter, and it includes my new Geri Krotow Loyal Reader program! Due to this upgrade, I need you to please sign up here to keep getting my newsletters. And, as a bonus, you will become a Geri Krotow Loyal Reader, eligible for a great prize each month (see below*).

I hope this finds you warm and not under the ice and snow that my part of the country has been battling all season. No matter where we live, we all need some love, and Valentine’s Day is a great way to give yourself or loved ones a little treat. What’s your pick–chocolate, a mani-pedi, or a new romance novel? I tend to used Valentine’s Day as an excuse to bake a very decadent dessert to share. If I don’t share, I will look like said dessert (chocolate bundt belly is not pretty!). I’ve had one author event already, and one more to go on February 13th at the Free Library of Philadelphia. I will send out a newsletter after the big Valentine’s weekend with photos from each event and to update you on the wonderful news happening for my stories in 2014.

*That brings me again to the most important point of this newsletter: please sign up here  to continue to receive the Geri Krotow newsletter. The newsletter will come from You will be automatically enrolled in my new, exciting Loyal Reader program, which will chose at random one lucky loyal reader each month to receive a signed copy of one of my novels. All you need do is sign up!