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Sheila Roberts is Helping Send Books to the Military for the Holidays



Bestselling Author Sheila Roberts
Bestselling Author Sheila Roberts

Please join me today in welcoming the always cheerful bestselling author Sheila Roberts. Sheila and I met when our family was stationed on Whidbey Island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Read on to learn about her movie deal!

Sheila, please share what you make, bake, create or purchase for the holidays.

I love the holidays! Love to bake (and I have the hips to prove it!), love to decorate, and I love to entertain. I’m not a big dinner party person. Dinner parties never are more than eight people, but I love to host a big bash where we play games and steal white elephant gifts from each other.

I don’t think a party has to be fancy, with Martha Stewart style decorations and goodies. I say what makes a party perfect is the people who come to it so I don’t sweat it when it comes to the food. Party fare at Sheila’s place usually consists of punch, chips, Christmas cookies and appetizers (Brie cheese spread with apricot jam, sprinkled with sliced almonds, and wrapped in puff pastry is always showy – Bake it at 400 until it’s golden brown and the cheese is melted, then set it out with some crackers and watch it disappear.)

This year we’ll be partying a lot as Hallmark will be airing a movie this month made from my novel The Nine Lives of Christmas. So, in honor of that, let me share my easy snack mix recipe. Quick to make and disappears even quicker!


Mix the following together in a large bowl:

2 cups Corn Chex cereal

2 cups roasted peanuts

2 cups broken pretzels

2 cups Reese’s Pieces

2 cups white chocolate chips

2 cups M & M candies

Leftovers, if you have any, will store well in an airtight container.

Do you have any military connections, Sheila?

I married into the military. My father-in-law was a Major in the Army and my husband was in Army Intelligence when we were first married. I can’t tell you what he did though. If I did, I’d have to shoot you.

Thanks for joining us today, Sheila! You can find an excerpt to Sheila’s latest, The Lodge on Holly Road, here.

Find Sheila at the usual places:

Website:  http://www.sheilasplace.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheila-Roberts/76502579853

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/_Sheila_Roberts

Remember, you can do your part in supporting the military for the holidays–and it’s free! Harlequin will send one book for every 20 new subscribers to the Geri Krotow Newsletter. Sign up here.