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Robin Covington is Helping Send Books to the Military for the Holidays

Author Robin Covington
Author Robin Covington

Today we welcome sizzling contemporary author Robin Covington! Robin and I met at the Baltimore Book Festival in 2013 and bonded over our mutual love of the US Navy and our dogs (of course!). In case you don’t already know it, Robin is renown for her generous sharing of man candy on Facebook. She’s also generous with her time and talents, as you’ll soon read.

What do you like to make, bake or create (or purchase!) for the holidays, Robin?

I make caramel popcorn balls, peanut brittle and divinity candy every Christmas. They are my Granny’s recipe and my family counts down the days until I make them – we all have a sweet tooth.

I also wrap gifts in a marathon Lifetime Movie Channel or Hallmark Channel holiday movie event. My husband actually flees the residence because he cannot all those Christmas movies – he takes the kids and I get the house to myself!

And . . . I have four Christmas trees in my house. I love this holiday and I decorate every room and cover every flat surface with greenery and white twinkle lights. My family just moves out of my way and lets me go nuts. They humor me around the holidays.

Do you have a special military connection, Robin? 

My husband served in the U.S. Navy and my late father-in-law retired from the Navy after 31 years of service. And for the last 20 years both my husband and I have served the Navy and Marine Corps as civilian counsel. There is no doubt who we are rooting for at the Army/Navy football game!

Thanks for joining us today, Robin!

Robin’s latest is Temptation. Read an excerpt here. 

Find Robin at the usual places:

Website: http://robincovingtonromance.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RobinCovingtonAuthor

Twitter: @RobinCovington

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/robincovington1/


Remember, you can do your part in supporting the military for the holidays. Harlequin will send one book for every 20 new subscribers the Geri Krotow Newsletter gets. Sign up here.