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Laura Kaye is Helping Send Books to the Military for the Holidays


New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Kaye
New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Kaye

Please join me as we welcome New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Kaye to our holiday blog party today. Laura writes hot, poignant military romance that has captured the hearts of readers world wide. We share a common bond with the Naval Academy, which you will soon discover.

What do you make, bake, create or purchase for the holidays, Laura?

One of my favorite things to make for the holidays are cut-out sugar cookies. Not only are they super tasty, but my girls (ages 10 and 8) love to help make them. They love to help roll them out, press the cookie cutters into the dough, and decorate them with homemade icing and sprinkles. The kitchen is always an utter disaster at the end, but it’s such a quintessentially holiday thing to do that I hardly mind! And the cookies are fantastic and colorful for enjoying or sharing!

Do you have a special military connection, Laura?
I Taught for eight years at the U.S. Naval Academy as an Associate Professor of History.

Laura’s latest is Hard to Come By. Check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by today, Laura!

Find Laura at the usual places:

Website: http://www.LaurakyaeAuthor.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LauraKayeWrites

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LauraKayeAuthor

Remember, you can do your part in supporting the military for the holidays. Harlequin will send one book for every 20 new subscribers to the Geri Krotow Newsletter. Sign up here.