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Three More to Go!

I love when live and work dovetail in the least expected ways. This past week I enjoyed a beautiful drive to my hometown of Buffalo, NY, where I took my parents for a day trip to a local vineyard. Eveningside Vineyards is owned by fellow high school alumnus, Randy Biehl. Randy gave us the royal tour of his lovely winery in the midst of  a Western New York autumn. It doesn’t get much better than this! As one of our classmates commented on Facebook, “wine and literature, two favorite things.”

Dream chasers from the same high school
Dream chasers from the same high school

It’s nearing the end of my promo tour this year and the best is yet to come with my next three appearances.  First up, I’ll be signing tomorrow with Heidi Hormel and Karen Rose Smith at the Reader’s Cafe in Hanover PA, then I’ll be signing and speaking at the Las Vegas Readers Festival next Saturday.

I’ll be celebrating a long-held dream when I sign with Nora Roberts at her bookstore in Boonsboro, MD on December 5th. Details on all my appearances are over at my events page. I hope to meet you soon!

Beginnings and Endings

Spring Storm in Silver Valley
Spring Storm in Silver Valley

It’s a busy month Chez Krotow as one college kid has finished Freshman year and the other is about to graduate. I’m much too young to have a college graduate child but I digress… I’m happily working away on the Silver Valley PD Series. You’ll be able to read the first book in November with Her Christmas Protector, and the second book is slated for a March 2016 release. I’ll post updates on Pinterest and Facebook as I can. As always, our family will take a moment on Memorial Day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


Julie Miller is Helping Send Books to the Military for the Holidays

USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Miller
USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Miller

Please welcome USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Miller to our holiday celebration in support of the military. Julie is a spectacular author who writes edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense. On a personal note, we met when Julie told me she loved my books. It was a jaw-dropping moment for me as I’ve long admired Julie and her stories. We found out we share a military connection, too.

What do you make, bake or create for the holidays?

One of my favorite family holiday traditions are finding or putting together “Ho-Ho” gifts. These are pure fun, and every member of the family gets one. As soon as we get up Christmas morning, we get into our stockings. Then, because of some blood sugar issues in my family, we stop and have some breakfast. But before we dive into all the personalized packages and gifts under the tree, we each open one Ho-Ho gift. We even have dedicated gift bags with our names on them that we reuse year after year. My Mom has usually put these together, but in recent years I’ve become her personal elf and help her brainstorm ideas. So now the both of us are always on the lookout for these special gifts throughout the year.

What’s a Ho-Ho gift? It’s a gift that’s either something funny related specifically to something that person has said or done, or it’s a fun addition to something that person loves or collects. For example, my mom is notorious for burning the potatoes–stove top, in the oven or microwave–it’s a rare talent she has. So one Christmas, I got her an oven timer that has no numbers on it. She keeps it by the stove and calls it her potato timer. Or, my son is a big Star Wars fan, and it’s been fun over the years to find the craziest little knick-knacks and collectibles–like the year we got him a Darth Vader pancake turner for his new apartment. Ho, ho, ho!

Do you have a special military connection?

I’m the daughter of a lifelong Marine–even after Dad retired from the Corps! He served during the Korean Conflict, and in the Reserves for several years afterward. My “baby” brother, a “retired” Marine who served during Desert Storm, went back into the Army National Guard after 9/11, and is now an Army Major, soon to become a Lt. Colonel! So yes, I definitely have military connections, and am very proud of my family.

Julie’s latest is Crossfire Christmas, from Harlequin Intrigue. Check it out here.

Link to some free excerpts.

Connect with Julie at the usual places:

Website: www.juliemiller.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julie.miller.5473894

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Julie-Miller/25063057967?ref=hl

Twitter: @JulieMillerAuth https://twitter.com/JulieMillerAuth

Thank you, Julie, for joining us in supporting the military at the holidays. Remember, you can do your part, too, by signing up for the Geri Krotow Newsletter. My publisher, Harlequin, will donate one book to the military for every 20 new subscribers, while supplies last. Sign up here.