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WWII Wednesday: Family Memories of the Curtiss Wright Factory

We’re still close enough to WWII in years that I have memories of my grandparents talking about how they survived the war on the home front .

P40 WarHawk by Our Resident Fine Scale Modeler
P40 WarHawk by Our Resident Fine Scale Modeler

A memory that sticks with me is of my Great Uncle Hank, my grandmother’s brother, who was late to work on the day there was a horrible plane crash– a P-40 crashed into the Curtiss aircraft factory where my Uncle worked. Uncle Hank lived to tell the story, but many didn’t. There’s a good article on it here if you’re interested in the facts. I often mention how proud I am to be a Buffalo native, and this tangible tie to WWII,  its heroes and heroines and the immeasurable sacrifice of the Home Front during WWII  highlights why.

Do you have WWII memories passed down in your family? Please share them–we need to keep their stories alive.