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Kate James is Helping to Send Books to Military for the Holidays

Kate James
Author Kate James

Today we welcome author Kate James, who writes heartwarming contemporary romance–and she has her first book with Harlequin out this month– a Christmas book!

What do you like to do for the holidays, Kate?

Kate's Dogs at Christmas
Kate’s Dogs at Christmas

My husband and I love to spend the holidays at our cottage in northern Ontario. I must admit that until I met my husband, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about cooking or baking. After all, there were so many more interesting, active and entertaining things to do. But now, with the snow swirling outside, a fire burning in the woodstove, Christmas music playing in the background, our dogs sleeping close by and a nice bottle of wine to share, what is there not to like about cooking for the holidays?!

Christmas Turkey Braid
Christmas Turkey Braid


We even get creative with the leftovers!

And while we feel gratitude for all that we have and are able to enjoy, we will say thanks and prayers for those serving in the military oversees and at home.

Do you have a special military connection? 

Kate in an F-18F cockpit
Kate in an F-18F cockpit

My husband was a cadet as a teenager and a police officer for seventeen years. Two of our closest friends are stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. He’s an Apache helicopter pilot and a Vietnam veteran. She is a doctor and a high-ranking civilian at the base hospital. Both my husband and I have tremendous respect and gratitude for all the men and women who serve our countries; however, my greatest honor was when I was able to meet so many of our Canadian veterans by virtue of a position I was privileged to hold a decade ago.

To be able to shake the hands of so many amazing men and women, and be able to thank them personally for all that they have given to and done for our countries was a great honor and privilege. For our company to be able to give back in a small way by commemorating their efforts is one of the things I am most proud of in my career.

 Read about Kate’s latest two releases Silver Linings and A Child’s Christmas on her website. You can also find Kate on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, we are doing this to send holiday love to military families and Active Duty who are away from home for the holidays. Harlequin is donating one book (while supplies last) for every 20 new newsletter subscriptions to the Geri Krotow Newsletter, which gets you free membership into the Geri Krotow Loyal Reader Program. Sign up here.