Get My Next Book One Month Early

September 21, 2020

I’m proud to be a part of the Harlequin Colton 911 series with In Hot Pursuit. It releases across all major outlets on November 1st, but you have a chance to get an early copy if you order directly from Harlequin. How cool is that?

Set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this latest Colton 911 series will keep you up at night, doing what we all love best, reading! Vikki and Flynn are both active duty Army, and are paired together during a deadly investigation of Flynn’s criminal half brother. Sparks fly and they’re not only from attraction but also bullets as the couple tries to survive long enough to enjoy their growing attraction. Don’t  miss my behind-the-scenes newsletter, which I send with each new book release.

Still on the fence? Check out an excerpt.

Wishing you a beautiful autumn or spring, depending on which part of the world you do your reading. Life’s better with a book.


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