Saturday, October 17, 2020

Online Event

11am CT - 1145am CT

Buns and Roses Tea for Literacy

I am an author host for the annual Buns and Roses Tea for literacy!

Traditionally held in Dallas, TX each year, Buns and Roses 2020 is going to be virtual. This is GREAT news for all, in that you do not have to be in Texas to help us raise funds for literacy, while enjoying fun reader events. Please join me as I share my favorite teas and coffee drinks, and how to make them in the comfort of your kitchen. I’ll be joined by my better half, US Navy Captain Steve Krotow (ret) as his beverage making skills are superb after working in a local coffee shop for several years. We are practicing, practicing, so please plan on sipping some cappuccino with us!

Please note that my author session is on Saturday, October 17th from 11-1145 am, Central Time, 12-1245 pm  Eastern Standard Time. The entire event runs Friday through Sunday, with opportunities to participate in author sessions and the Sunday Tea. Check out the Buns and Roses website for all the details!

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Event Cost: $10 for each author event; $25-$55 for the Sunday Tea