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Coming December 1, 2016

Her Secret Christmas Agent

Book 3 of the Silver Valley PD series

Silver Valley Book Three finds Nika Pasczenko, SVPD officer and soon-to-be secret Trail Hiker Agent, working side by side with chemistry teacher and Trail Hiker Agent Mitch Everlock as the True Believer cult continues its quest to take over the bucolic town of Silver Valley, Pennsylvania by reaching into Silver Valley High School. They must catch the criminal who wants Mitch, and now Nika, dead, before any student is lured into the cult. All in time for Christmas!

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Coming April 1, 2017

Secret Agent Under Fire

Book 4 of the Silver Valley PD series
Cover Coming Soon

Silver Valley Fire Department Chief Keith Paruso is haunted by the fallout to his reputation from false negligence charges and now a string of arsons that threaten the heart of the town that’s become victim to a cult’s machinations. ¬†When former FBI arson expert Abi Redland joins forces with the secret Trail Hiker agency to catch the fire starter and bring down the cult, Keith finds himself working side-by-side with the a woman he could spend the rest of his life with. But only if he can accept he’s worthy of Abi’s love. And Abi must forgive herself for a lethal mistake she’s made in her past. Abi and Keith prove unbeatable as a law enforcement duo, but for it to become more they have to survive the cult’s deadly plans for Silver Valley.

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