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Navy JusticeComing September, 2015
Navy Justice
Come back to Whidbey Island in book #5 of the Whidbey series, where brave men and women find love no matter the stakes...

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Navy JAG Joy Alexander worked alongside enlisted Navy SEAL Brad Iverson for six months in Guantanamo Bay. They shared an attraction they never acted on as per Navy regulations. Her feelings for Brad ran deep but even after she knows he's left the Navy she doesn't pursue contact with him as it would be a violation of Joy's credo--she doesn't date men who can't be with her each and every night, preferably in a low-risk career. Joy wants security and a place to call home--finally she finds it and the community she never had before on Whidbey Island. She purchases her first home and decides to leave active duty service and vows to put scorching memories of Brad behind her.

Excited to begin her first day as a civilian lawyer, Joy takes an extra moment to enjoy the view from her waterfront home. Whales, sea birds and sunshine fill her gaze&emdash;and an explosion that rocks the waters off Whidbey. Within minutes of the blast NAS Whidbey Island is operating at high-threat mode against terrorists. Joy's carefully planned life will have to take a back seat as she is drawn back into the harsh reality of terrorism--and the man she never forgot shows up at her back door, pleading for her help …

FBI Agent and former SEAL Brad Iverson has waited over a year to reconnect with Joy, the JAG he fell for in Gitmo but was unable to pursue first because of their rank disparity and second because he had a mess of a personal life to clean up. He wouldn't approach Joy until it was right for both of them. The time was now, as soon as he wrapped up his undercover mission&emdash;tracking terrorists to Whidbey Island.

But then an explosion that was meant to kill him forces him to find Joy … to save his life.

Joy and Brad find their attraction stronger than before, more elemental. The risks are life-and-death as they first face down terrorists and then the most deadly enemy of all&emdash;the devastation of war. They each have emotional baggage they need to jettison if their relationship has any hope. But first, they have to keep themselves alive.

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Coming November, 2015
Her Christmas Protector
Silver Valley PD, book #1

A Sinister Silent Night

Two female ministers have been shot in the heart of Silver Valley, Pennsylvania. Now Zora Krasny, Navy veteran turned undercover operative, is posing as a new preacher. That means her life's on the line, yet it's the only way to smoke out a psychopath. But she's not alone. She's got the best of the Silver Valley P.D. at her side—Detective Bryce Campbell, the high school boyfriend Zora left behind when she joined the Navy. Bryce must pose as her fiancé, so he can stay close and protect Zora. It's a role they're both finding way too easy to play. But with the killer's imminent Christmas countdown, Zora and Bryce can't afford any distractions.


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Geri will be signing copies of Her Christmas Protector, with Nora Roberts in Boonsboro, MD at Turn the Page Bookstore. More info here.


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Coming March, 2016
Wedding Takedown
Silver Valley PD, book #2

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