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Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts was the original, working title for my very first published book, A Rendezvous to Remember. For some odd reason that phrase has popped into my thoughts today, and I want to share that each and every one of you is an unexpected gift to me. I’d always dreamed of being a published author, but I never imagined what an absolute joy each and every reader would be to me. Whether we meet here, on my Facebook page, or at a book signing, it’s always a gift to me.

Who or what has been an unexpected gift in your life?


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  1. My greatest gift and remember it from when I was 6 years old was a gum machine (this was in the 50’s so most people won’t remember them). The gum machine wasn’t actually the biggest surprise, but our neighbor who was in the Army had been out playing pitch with the guys and brought all of his pennies home AND put them in my gum machine! Too many for the machine, but had to have them in my machine so filled it 3 times!

  2. An unexpected gift I received was my second pregnancy. I lost my first child and was told that I probably would not conceive again.

  3. Secret Santa present of a Kindle Paperwhite. I’d obviously told the someone who sent it to me that I’d really wanted one ever since they came out and was hoping to buy one for myself that Christmas. Well, I actually ended up winning a regular Kindle through a friend naming me as a “pay-it-forward” contest so I was quite surprised to receive the Paperwhite a few days later knowing it was not the same. I ended up giving my sister the regular Kindle for her birthday a few months later.

  4. Love the puppy face in the giveaway. Unexpected gift was tickets to see a Broadway show from my husband and the pair of tickets were for me and my sister to go to see the show, He has been giving me that gift for the past several years.

  5. My unexpected gifts are my sons. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to have children but after having my first son, I knew that I was made to be a mom.

  6. I have had very few unexpected gifts in my life, but it would be my friendship with my best friend. We met at work and have been so close over the years.

  7. My mom being able to walk again after meningitis. The doctors told her that she wouldn’t be able to walk again. Although she can’t stand for long periods of time but it’s a blessing that she is able to walk again.

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